W4FAR Repeaters (CTCSS 94.8) VHF:145.37 MHz (-); UHF: 443.55 MHz (+); DMR: 440.5375 (+)

The Foothills Amateur Radio Club Photo Galleries

(A.K.A. Evidence!)

Welcome to the Foothills Amateur Radio Club Photo Galleries

On the left are the photo gallery menus with the list of all of the different events and photos.

We have two different sets of photo galleries:

  • The Club Gallery: These are all of the club events.
  • The Members Gallery: These are placed for individual members who wish to put their pictures up for the enjoyment of the other members - projects, shack photos, etc.  Contact our webmaster, Brian, AB1JU if you have some photos for your own gallery.

Please select a gallery from the menus on the left.  Enjoy!

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