W4FAR Repeaters (CTCSS 94.8) VHF:145.37 MHz (-); UHF: 443.55 MHz (+); DMR: 440.5375 (+)

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FARC Field Day 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024, 11:00am
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2024 Field Day with the Foothills Amateur Radio Club

This will also serve as the monthly meeting for July - There is no meeting on July 1.

Setup at 11:00AM

Covered Dish Lunch at 12:00PM

Field Day starts at 2:00PM

While Field Day runs until 4:59 PM on Sunday, the Foothills Amateur Radio Club will be closing down our Field Day location sometime in the early evening (on Saturday). Please use the W4FAR repeater to check to see if we are still operating.


Talk-in on the W4FAR repeater, 145.37 (-) 94.8 CTCSS or the W4FAR DMR repeater - local talkgroup, 440.5375 (+)


Location: QTH of Tom, on Buck's Knob

Location: QTH of Tom, on Buck's Knob

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